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Amber is inspired by the golden resin running in the veins of exotic trees such as "boswella" (frankincense), "styrax" (benzoin) and "commiphora" (myrrh). Worn by both women and men, Amber is gently sweet and luxuriant with a soft, powdery quality.


Derived from an herb native to India, Patchouli is renowned for its effect of bringing one down to earth. Popularized hundreds of years ago by merchants on the Asian spice routes who used it to scent Kashmir shawls, patchouli became the signature fragrance of hippies during the 1960s. This patchouli has been aged in oak casks and is considered by connoisseurs to be the finest available.

This luscious fragrance is a delightful blend of light floral notes, swimming in the essence of peach, strawberry and apple. Raphael touches the little girl who resides in every woman. This perfume is named after Raphael, the archangel, who grants joy, healing, love, miracles and grace.

Just before it rains there's something in the air - a clean, clear, crisp ... untouchable scent. As if by magic, that indefinable and indelible fragrance has found its way into a bottle! A bottle of rain - a floral bouquet with a hint of lavender - playful, delicate, fresh - vivacious, yet understated. A perfume that always pleases.

A classic earthy fragrance, pungent, with overtones of sweetness, roundness and spiciness, Sandalwood inspires creativity and new awakenings. Sandalwood is derived from the roots and the heartwood of the Santalum Album tree. It has been used in the East as a perfume and in religious ceremonies such as weddings, funerals and spiritual initiations for at least four millennia.

White Musk

White Musk is a delightfully delicate, fresh and wonderful fragrance! It is elegant, subtle and clean ... like liquid light. This musk is man made. Naturally occurring musk is extracted from a gland situated by the navel of a male deer which is native to Asia. Sometimes, man made is better than natural!

Reminiscent of a classic French perfume, Sula is favored by connoisseurs of fine fragrance. Sula includes base notes of musk and sandalwood, an exquisite magnolia heart note, and a bouquet of citrus at the top. The word/sound Sula came to Michael in a "stream of consciousness" fashion after the perfume was created.

Ishi is an exquisite pure essential oil blend of the sacred herbs used by the Native peoples of North America during smudging ceremonies. This perfume was created to celebrate the life of the last Native North American to make contact with the white man. Ishi was the last surviving member of his tribe and living a Stone Age existence when he emerged from the Sierra Nevada Mountains in 1911. An exquisite blend of sweet grass and sage, grounded by cedar and oak moss.

Purple Haze
Traditionally, patchouli and sweet grass are like oil and water, they aren't supposed to mix. But the master blenders at La Parfumerie have taken these dissonant notes and combined them with other oils and resins to create a complex harmonic whole - the sensual symphony that is Purple Haze. Inspired by Jimi Hendrix and on behalf of those who have long loved patchouli. Purple Haze was created as a testament to personal evolution.

A light tone of spiciness reclines seductively on a dark velvet bed in this scent of deep rooted sensuality for woman and men. A full spectrum perfume, containing notes of jasmine, frankincense, and lotus, Shiva is grounding, to the heart, and transcendental in effect. Shiva is named after the Hindu god of creation and destruction. In ecstatic sexual union with the goddess Kali, Shiva destroys the world, the universe and existence itself. Kali, through her infinitely creative force, then gives birth to a reincarnated Shiva and a new universe.

This remarkable perfume is an original blend of earth tones and citrus notes. Playful hints of jasmine and orange merge with patchouli to create this slightly fruity, soft and very seductive scent. Kali is named after the Hindu goddess of destruction, creation, and transformation. Through her divine alchemy She transmutes ego and false attachments into the highest spiritual essence. Kali, through her unbroken continuity, resurrects death - the seer of distinction - into eternal life. Her cosmic dance is the endless orgasm of ecstatic creation bringing everything to its ultimate fulfillment and completion ... And it's fun too.

Quiessence is a hybrid of quietude and essence ... the quietude of angels and seers being in essence, the essence of flowers, the essential self. The intent of this perfume is to evoke the essence of silence ... inexpressible stillness. Included in Quiessence are notes of sweet grass, ambrette and bergamot. Quiessence has a universal appeal.

This lively perfume is like a swim in a shimmering pool of lilac petals. The intoxicating and sultry aroma of budding lilac is heightened by the subtle presence of magnolia, creating a vibrant, well-rounded perfume. This fragrance is named after the angel Cassiel, the angel of solitude and tears who shows the unity of all things in the Eternal World.

Gabriel the Archangel is the inspiration for this revolutionary blend of pure essential oils, including Egyptian rose and East Indian patchouli. In Gabriel, rose the most classical and exalted of perfumes, is wedded with patchouli, the most rebellious and funkiest of fragrances. It's a meeting of heaven and earth, with a result that is out of this world - angelic, in fact. Gabriel is best known as the angel of revelation; he announced to Mary that she was going to be the mother of Jesus, and he dictated the Koran to Muhammed. He may have something to say about the new millennium, so listen carefully!

Tao is the evolution of the timeless combination of sandalwood and patchouli. Perfume can be worn for vanity or it can be used as an instrument of the Tao. The deep and intentional inhalation of high- quality perfume is a powerful meditation. The interval between the in-breath and the out-breath is a clue to the Tao. Other names for the Tao are the Path, the Way, the Work ... the Great LovePlay.

Clouds Of Unknowing
Sweetgrass and sandalwood combine with other herbal and woody notes to create a fragrance steeped in mystery, sensuality and piercing insight. With this perfume, as with all things, the greater the knowledge, the deeper the mystery. This fragrance is named for the book "The Cloud of Unknowing," written in Middle English by a 14th century mystic. Clouds of Unknowing represents the primal impulse toward gnosis - knowledge of the ultimate nature of reality. On the front is the sanskrit symbol for the mantra Om, which is said to be the seed syllable of creation. Chanting this mantra creates resonance with the divine.