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NATURAL PERFUMES and beautiful handcrafted bottles and pendants for them to live in.

As well, we produce a variety of scented natural body care products.

Since the ancients first discovered the remarkable properties of fragrant oils, the use of beautiful scents has become both an art and a science - a kind of alchemy for the senses. Alchemical Gold continues that classic tradition of transmuting essential oils into golden fragrances.

Fragrances can tap deep memories and allow subtle forms of healing to take place. The sense of smell provides direct access to those parts of the brain which govern your intuitive faculties. Your subconscious brain responds to a scent before your cognitive brain recognizes it. Fragrances can subtly alter your mood, sometimes permitting you to access higher states of consciousness.

Essential oils are distilled from pure fragrant extracts of plants, flowers and trees. In their natural form, they can be unpredictable and potent. Alchemical Gold starts with these pure oils and combines them with other natural ingredients in a true alchemy that creates gentle perfume oils with exquisite fragrances.

Whichever fragrance you choose, apply it at pulse points - wrist, neck or inner elbow. Because these blends are extremely concentrated, you will want to use them sparingly. At the moment of application, pause and note the subtle changes as the perfume oil adjusts to your body chemistry.

Each of our perfume vessels is a unique piece of art. Individually hand-crafted, they contain fragrances created from pure perfume oils. They are not diluted with water or alcohol and contain no preservatives. Many people who are allergic to commercial perfumes find they can easily tolerate fragrances made with Alchemical Gold Oils.


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